We had a ball!

Wayne and I ready for the ball

Well it’s been over a week since we went to the ball and parden the pun but we had a ball!. It was a wonderful night. We dance quite a few dances I don’t remember all the names of the dances but there was a few reels, a group waltz and a few others. We were told that we were the best dressed couple and that really made me feel good. Wayne was not crazy about going but once people started complimenting him and he found the dances were fun he loosened up and enjoyed himself.He even said we might have to do it again sometime. LOL. Let me tell ya though Imdon’t see how those ladies did it everyday. it took me an hour to get dressed. Whew I have never taken that long, it sure was an experience but ya know I really didn’t mind it like I thought I would. I just am not a girly girl. I don’t like frills and lace, I’m usually a jeans and t-shirt girl but I didn;t mind it at all. It was not as uncomfortable as I thgought it would be. I actually didn’t mind wearing the corset.And I would be willing to do it again because I enjoyed it so much.