My summer knitting goals

While doing my daily blog reading this morning over at Karma Kitties I read about this contest where you have to post your summer knitting goals so here they are.

1. Knit Monkey Socks– or any ole sock for that matter I’ve yet to make one single pair.

2. Pie are Square Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmerman

3. Learn to knit Fair Isle

4. A few toboggans (aka hats)for the Boys – to give as Christmas gifts.

5. Finish my Take Along Bag so I can take it with my on my trip this summer

6.I’ve been thinking about knitting some legs warmers but have not yet settled on a pattern yet.


3 thoughts on “My summer knitting goals

  1. Hey, that’s a nice list! I want to knit Monkey Socks too, I am considering them for my Sockapalooza socks! I am also glad I am not the only one who wants to learn Fair Isle!

    (also, I love your blog header! The bridge with the trees is so beautiful!)

  2. looks like a good list! but what are knitted toboggans? im thinking sleds, but how do you knit those??
    there are 2 good leg warmer patterns i have seen: one is on knitty ( click on archives and then whimsies, they are named “postmodern”) and the other is in the book “last minute knitted gifts”.

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