Look I’m knitting

Armed with a PB&J sandwhich, size 1 DPNs, some yarn and my row counter I decided to knit.Ready to knit

Knit a couple rows, click, click, take a bite, knit a few more rows, click, click, take a few more bites. On and On I continued this way and what before my wandering eyes should appear but a miniature sock and eight tiny cuff rows.cuff

Yep it is a sock folks.Although be it  a baby sock- it is still a sock none the less.

After numerous failed attempts at knitting adult socks I decided to take baby steps-parden the pun LOL. I thought it best to start out small and work my way up to adult socks. Besides I have a good reason for knitting baby socks anyway. One of my cousins  and his wife had a baby back in February and two of my cousins are pregnant and anothor cousin and his wife have one on the way. Gee sounds as if my family are baby makin fools. LOL- I love em.

I will get lots of practice and then once I am ready I will make the move to adult socks.

For this sock I just decided to use Red Heart Baby sport weight in Banana. Yes I know the dreaded acrylic yarn. But seeing how I am the only knitter in my whole family, they don’t know there are better yarns out there. Do you think I am going to tell them LOL well I might if they decide to buy me yarn a s agift. Hee Hee.

But for them acryilc will work just fine and besides I really have no qualms with using acryilc anyway.

Ok now it’s time to get my knit on and finish knitting my socks.