Yarn Envy!

I’m gonna do a little whinning so if ya don’t want to hear ya don’t need to read any farther.

I ‘ve been doing lots of blog reading lately and seeing all this yummy sock yarn and boy am I envoius. My sock yarn stash consists of four whole skeins. Yep you read it right only four. Of course it would help if I had a yarn store near by but No it is not to be. I really can’t order online either cause I don’t have any credit cards, Thanks to DH but thats a whole other story we wont get into. Hee Hee.

I see Emily has this Yummy Chocolate Covered Kisses Yarn and then I visted Monica and wow what stash of sock yarn she has.Next I decided to visit with Karen and even she has wonderful sock yarn and is knitting some great socks for her sock pal. Finally I ended my visit with Abigail who always has socks on the needles.

I think I must be the only one who has not knitted socks and has very little sock yarn.I so love looking at all the socks everyone is knitting though.So I guess I’ll just had to keep reading and drooling over everyone elses sock yarns unless some one wants to take pity on this poor yarnless sole and send me their leftovers .LOL

Hope you have a nice day and enjoy your knitting.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Envy!

  1. You only have four skeins of sock yarn in your possession? Scandalous! What will you do if there is a yarn shortage?! Respond to this by email at your earliest convenience.

    Incidentally, I am amazed at the completely sane amount of yarn in your sock stash. I applaud your restraint. And envy the amount of closet space you probably have.

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