Random Thoughts for today.

Can You Say Soap?

My friend Kathie(who does not have a blog so I can’t link to her) is a vendor at a flea market near her house every weekend and she got some really great bargains from another vendor who was going out of business for like pennies. Anyway she gave me some things and one of tthem was this bag of soaps.

bag a soap

There are 14 bars of saop in this bag. I wont need to buy soap for months. I was happy to get the bag but then it got me to wondering- Is she trying to tell me something? LOL

More Yarn Envy.

Rhonda told me I might not want to visit her blog yesterday and of course you know I had to because I’m the type of person that if you tell me not to do something well then I have to just that. But I do have my limits on those things cause if ya tell me to go jump off a bridge then I most certainly will not. (Big Cheesy Grin)

But anyway back to Rhonda- I visited and had to have a mop to wipe up the big puddle of drool. She had to show off all her yummy sock yarn. I so loved looking at it all. But I think my favorite was Sophie’s Toes Sock Yarn called Grandma’s Blueberry Pie.Boy all this yarn is making me hungry with such delicious names.

Fairie Delight

Lots of contest entries are coming in now for my Name that Fairie contest(which now has it’s own page). I see a few I really like but I’m keeping a tight lip on what ones. I may have to have the boys help with choosing. Everyone is really coming up with good suggestions. Keep ’em comming.

The goody bag is starting to fill up. I picked up a few more things to add to it today but for now thats a surprise. Maybe I’ll give ya a sneak peak later in the week.

Tea Panties

I came across The Daily Knitter last night while surfing and found a pattern for Tea Panties. What you ask are Tea Panties- well I can just imagine what you are thinking cause I myself thought the same thing. No they are not undies you put on tea bags and they are not undies made from tea bags. But trust me once you see them you’ll find that it is really a very clever idea. So go see exactly what Tea Panties are.

Well til next time. Have a nice day and happy knitting.