I am not happy I have a burn on my hand thanks to my teenage son.He was cooking spaghetti for supper tonight and put the serving spoon to close to the burner since it was a plastic spoon it of course melted the handle. Not know that the handle was hot I picked it up and received a nice little ouchie.


This of course put a serious damper on my knitting because I am right handed and that just happens to be the hand that is burnt. I was in the process of knitting this.

Zig Zag socks

It is a pattern called Zig Zag socks. And my first pair.I am using Panda Cotton in a color called Fall herbs. It is one of the 2 colors of sock yarn that I happen to have. I am really pleased with how the socks are working up. I am excited to share my progress with you. Of course that has been slowed down but I will keep at I refuse to let a little pain slow me down.


4 thoughts on “OUCH!

  1. Rotten teenagers. 😀 My grandmother would tell you to put butter on it. The Red Cross would tell you that is the last thing you should do. I think you should act much more wounded than you actually are and get as much fun out of your owie as possible!

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