Gifts for baby.

I spent the day making baby gifts. One of my cousins is having a baby shower on Saturday and since I always make gifts instead of buying them I knew  I had to make stuff for the new baby.  First I made a washcloth, bib and socks.

Baby Stash

Then I made a little Soft-N-Silky. It’s a little comfort blankie that about 12×12 and have soft fleece on one side and silky fabric on the other side. Babies like to rub it against their cheeks.


I made a  burp pad too and I am also working on a receiving blanket to go with it and will have to get pics when I am done.Burp Pad

Burp PadI just love making baby gifts. It’s fun and so easy to come up with ideas. Beside they make up in no time.

I also made something for myself while I was at it. pinwheel

A pinwheel cloth I found on Abigail’s blog. It made up really quick. I made it with Peaches -n- Cream cotton I dyed myself. I call it Tropical Island. I just love the bright colors.

 BTW my hand is healing nicely. The burn no longer hurts and is slowly fading. Thanks for asking after me.

Be sure to stop by my other blog Ruby June’s(link in blog roll)to checkout my handbags and other items I am making.

Enjoy your day and Happy Knitting.


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