Going Camping

A camping we wil go, Hi Ho The Dairy OH, A camping we will go.

My family and I have decided to give camping a try this summer. It will be our first time. We are going to use a tent. So this will be an interesting experience. We’ve never been confined in such a small space together for 2 days. We may just be ready to kill each other by the time it is all over.

Salt Fork State Park is our destination. The park has alot to offer so I’m sure everyone will find something to do.

Little P is looking forward to going swimming. He is like a FISH when it comes to water.I’m sure he wont want to leave the beach area at all this weekend.

Arty(Dh will kill me if he knows I called him that-LOL) plans to go fishing. Of course I’m sure that the whale(wink wink) he hooks will put up a huge fight.:p

Big B -well who knows what he wants to do. He’s a teenager and I don’t think he himself has any idea what he wants to do.

Our camp site has electric but what good will that do me if I’m in a tent.Which I have never before slept in.I wish I had an air mattress but alas I do not. My poor back will suffer for sure.

We’ve got so much to do to get ready for the trip.I don’t know what foods to take or what cloths- well swim suits I know are a must. Then we’ve got to pack the sunsreen the bug repellent and oh so much more.

Well wish me luck and I’ll be sure to take lots of pics so everyone can see our experience.



Once again I have postponed my sock knitting adventure. I just don’t seem to be able to knit a single sock. I have unraveled the Zig Zag sock I was knitting with Panda Cotton. I guess I just was not paying enough attention to what I was doing because I lost track of what row I was knitting and like a dummy I missed placed my counter and I thought I would be able to keep track of what row I was on without it. Boy was I wrong with a capital W. I knew better but sometimes I don’t always listen to what my instincts tell me. Well lesson learned. Never again try to knitt socks without keeping track!!! But don’t worry I have not let this deter me from casting on again and knitting that sock. I will have a pair knitted before the end of summer!