Good mail day!

Yarn and Candy

Look what I got in the mail! A fellow knitter and blogger Emily sent me some yarn. It is Socks that Rock Yarn by Blue Moon Fibers Arts in colorway Pucks Mischeif. I love the mix of colors. Also encluded in the package was a Violet Crumble Candy bar because Emily says”You should never mail yarn witout candy, It’s some kind of law”LOL .

Mr Knowledge( 8 year old Son) has already eaten the candy bar. I tried to hide it but he found it and it’s hard to say no to them when they give that sad puppy dog look.

Thanks so much Emily You Rock!


A little Rant

Back in April I joinned a stitch marker swap. I received my partners name and then went to work making my stitch markers. I mailed them out and guess what 3 weeks later the package arrived empty. Someone else got my markers and my partner got an empty package. So I went to work making another set and the mailed them out at the same time I mailed out my Knitters Treat swap package. The Knitters Treat package arrived two weeks later but the Stitch markers that I mailed out one month ago have yet to arrive. Now my partner from that swap doesn’t believe that I actually mailed them out and has reported me to the swap hostess. So I have once again (for the third time) set to work on another set of markers and dropped them in the mail today. I have no idea what has happened to the last set but I honestly did mail them. I have no control over the U.S Postal system but it sure seems that they really don’t like me.And now they may have caused me to be put on a bad swappers list of course I have not actually heard from the swap hostess so I don’t know for sure that is the case. But this does upset me because I always do my best to keep up with my swaps and if I am not able to do so I always let the hostess know. What’s a girl to do when the Postal system doesn’t cooperate.