A little Rant

Back in April I joinned a stitch marker swap. I received my partners name and then went to work making my stitch markers. I mailed them out and guess what 3 weeks later the package arrived empty. Someone else got my markers and my partner got an empty package. So I went to work making another set and the mailed them out at the same time I mailed out my Knitters Treat swap package. The Knitters Treat package arrived two weeks later but the Stitch markers that I mailed out one month ago have yet to arrive. Now my partner from that swap doesn’t believe that I actually mailed them out and has reported me to the swap hostess. So I have once again (for the third time) set to work on another set of markers and dropped them in the mail today. I have no idea what has happened to the last set but I honestly did mail them. I have no control over the U.S Postal system but it sure seems that they really don’t like me.And now they may have caused me to be put on a bad swappers list of course I have not actually heard from the swap hostess so I don’t know for sure that is the case. But this does upset me because I always do my best to keep up with my swaps and if I am not able to do so I always let the hostess know. What’s a girl to do when the Postal system doesn’t cooperate.


5 thoughts on “A little Rant

  1. if it makes you feel any better, i havent gotten my knitters treat exchange package yet. its supposed to be coming from far away, but i think i will be surprised if it shows up at this point, its been in the mail for at least 8 weeks i think. i feel bad for the person who sent it, because its got to be dissapointing to spend all that time and money and it dissapears, and then i feel bad because isobel had to go make another one and shes sending it, even though she already did her part.
    mail sucks. lets kick it. take that post office!

  2. I’ve been expecting 2 things in the mail for weeks now (about 4 weeks I think). One is a package containing a prize I won from a fellow blogger and the other is a homemade postcard from my friend in Georgia. Both had return addresses on them … but nobody’s seen either one. So disappointing.

    The person receiving your swap should understand if she’s already received an empty package … ‘coz who would spend postage on an empty package? Or was it returned to you? M-m-m-m, next time take a picture of package & contents before sealing and then you at the post office. 😉 Good luck …

  3. The USPS and I don’t get along either. I mailed 2 things last Monday – 1 to the Uk (parcel post) the other to Germany (priority) and the UK one arrived in the nick of time and the one to Germany took over a week to arrive despite the fact that I spent a fortune sending it. They have lost my packages, never delivered things I sent. I’m sorry you got on the bad swappers list – I can’t believe your pal would report you. That is so silly! I bet you make beautiful stitch markers – and you know what they say, practice makes perfect, right? The USPS needs to fix their problems, before Knitter unite and take them down for messing up our swaps! ;-D

  4. I totally understand how bad it can be with USPS. I am so glad that my work allows employees to use their shipping discount for personal items as long as we pay for it. I end up paying less for FedEx’s 3-day than I would for USPS Priority and I get a tracking number with insurance to boot!

    Good luck!

  5. Some suggestions from someone whio’s suffered PO’s much worse than the USPS:
    -Send registered. Wit Return receipt if necessary.
    -File a formal complaint in your local PO.
    -Mail from a different PO (sounds silly, but can work wonders- I know in the US you usually buy the stamps anywhere and simply drop the envie in the mailbox, but actually going to the PO is better than resending twice…)
    -Don’t put stickers or any cute thing on the envelope that might give away there’s something pretty inside. (this has worked very nicely for me)
    – If you’re rich: use a private courier.
    Good Luck!

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