Just a little rambling.

Since I did absolutely no knitting today, it’s just way too hot. I thought I’d just ramble on a bit about nothing cause I’m actually bored and could be doing knitting. I’m just being lazy today and don’t really want to do anything that will cause me to sweat.

I watched Anne of Green Gables the sequel today. I just love reading or watching DVD’s of anything historical. Yea I know life was hard back then but times were so much simplier and their values meant so much to them Not that I don’t enjoy todays modern conveniences, I love the internet and cell phones but sometimes I yearn for simple things. Anyway I love the story of Anne’s life and how she says she doesn’t love Gilbert but you can tell b the things she says and does that she just doesn’t realize that he is the only one for her. Such a romantic movie but hey that’s just my opinion.

 Ok on to my next subject. I have always wanted to be a test knitter for a designer but have never ben lucky enough to find anyone who needs a tester. I really have no idea where I would even begin to look for someone who needs a tester anyway. I have no desire at this time to design patterns- maybe in the future but I would still like to contribute to the knitting world in someway no matter how big or small.

One last thing. It is my goal at sometime in my life to own a spinning wheel and make yummy sock yarn but for now I use a drop spindle which I actually haven’t even been using lately I’m about out of roving anyway and right now don’t have a source for getting more and all my money anyway is going towards my trip in August. I refuse to visit the yarn shop in the next county over. The owner is a former friend who did something to a current friend that I didn’t agree with but that is a long story and not something I care to think on any longer.I can’t at this time shop from the internet but I’m ok with that. I’ll come up with a solution to my delimma I usually always do.

Ok enough of my ramblings back to your knitting and have a nice day.


Dish Rag Tag

When I signed up for Dish Rag Tag, there was a box to click if you wanted to be a team captain.  I didn’t clicked it, mostly because I thought that there would be people willing to assume that leadership role.  However shortly before the teams were announced Friday, I found out that I had been named a team captain. I was a little surprised yet honored that Emily chose me to be a captain. I will do my best to a good team captain and live up to the responsibility.  I think this one will be a blast, and those members of my team who have shown up on the forum are already plotting strategies.  Not everyone has shown up there, but it’s early yet.  If you’re on my team, please stop by our team fourm (you should have gotten email with a link) and let us know you’re there and are still planning on racing with us. We are Team #13 and have decided on calling ourselves Lucky 13. Do you think Lady Luck will be with and help us to be the winners? I sure hope. Keeping fingers crossed.

My primary goal for this exchange and race is to have fun with it.  I will be test knitting a cloth to make sure my chosen pattern meets the required dimensions and to work out any glitches that might arise. 

Do you think my NSFY might like a knitted wash/dish cloth as a wee extra giftie?  If so do her color preferences extend to dish cloths? HM something to ponder.