Dish Rag Tag

When I signed up for Dish Rag Tag, there was a box to click if you wanted to be a team captain.  I didn’t clicked it, mostly because I thought that there would be people willing to assume that leadership role.  However shortly before the teams were announced Friday, I found out that I had been named a team captain. I was a little surprised yet honored that Emily chose me to be a captain. I will do my best to a good team captain and live up to the responsibility.  I think this one will be a blast, and those members of my team who have shown up on the forum are already plotting strategies.  Not everyone has shown up there, but it’s early yet.  If you’re on my team, please stop by our team fourm (you should have gotten email with a link) and let us know you’re there and are still planning on racing with us. We are Team #13 and have decided on calling ourselves Lucky 13. Do you think Lady Luck will be with and help us to be the winners? I sure hope. Keeping fingers crossed.

My primary goal for this exchange and race is to have fun with it.  I will be test knitting a cloth to make sure my chosen pattern meets the required dimensions and to work out any glitches that might arise. 

Do you think my NSFY might like a knitted wash/dish cloth as a wee extra giftie?  If so do her color preferences extend to dish cloths? HM something to ponder.


4 thoughts on “Dish Rag Tag

  1. Hello fellow Ohio Dishragger! I think the dish rag swap is going to be so fun! Our team is still contemplating names but hopefully, we’ll decide on one soon!

    Thanks for your “vote” on my dress choice. Looks like I’m gonna go with 3744. Just have to wait until next Monday when Joanns puts Simplicity back on sale for 99 cents.

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