A little shopping and sewing.

Donnely and Kathie

Last Wednesday my very bestet friends Kathie and Donnely and I went out to lunch and then decided to hit Hobby Lobby afterwards.


Boy did I endup with much more than I had planned on buying but I couldn’t help myself they had lots of pretty fabric for $2 a yard and I just couldn’t pass it up. Of course I couldn’t forget about knitting supplies either so I had to get me some cotton yarn cause I just love knitting those dishcloths.

The fabric of course will be made into handbags as shown here by my youngest son “Mr Knowledge”


Of course you can tell he is so thrilled to be showing off my hand bag. Kids don’t ya just love em LOL.

Hand Bags

I just love making these bags and have 6 orders for them. I don’t use a pattern but they are so easy to sew and make up in just a few hours. I want to sell these bags for $15.95 and that would still make me a good profit from them. I don’t think that is asking too much for them.

I’ve also been making pincushions but can’t show you because the batteries on my camera went dead and they are now being recharged so as soon as they are done I will show them to you.

* post edit on 7-3-07 at 11:30 p.m. to include prices.


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