Seems I need to get with the program and join the Esty generation. I have several inquires about my purses. But I’m a little illiterate when it comes to setting up shop.I don’t have the first clue about what to do so I guess I need to get ahold of my friend Donnely and have her help me, she used to have an Esty shop so she will know what I need to do. Then of course I will need to sew up some more purses so I will have something to sell. I sure didn’t expect anyone to want to buy them off the Internet. Yea I know I included an actual price in my original post about them but I have to confess I haven’t actually sold any, most of them I have made so far have been given as gifts. I just never expect the response I have gotten to them. So I better get busy and sew, sew, sew.


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