I’m feeling a bit down today and here’s why. The trip to Virginia had to be canceled for financial reasons.

Then I was planning to open and Esty shop so I could sell my  handbags, stitch markers and homemade paper. But that idea is out because I don’t have a credit card.So now I have no idea how I am going to sell my stuff if I can’t set up shop online.

I think my computer is on it’s last leg. It’s making strange noises. I know it’s bogged down but right now I just don’t have the extra to get it checked out.

We had to go today to see about refinancing the house but we wont know anything til Monday. I hate playing the waiting game.

How can a person get ahead when life keeps giving them a kick in the pants and knocking them down.

Yarn and Fabric buying are pretty much at a stand still for now due to penny pinching til finances improve. I guess I need to make sacrifices somewhere. Thank Goodness I already have the yarn and things for my swaps.

So as you can see it’s not been one of my better days. However there were a few bright spots so I can’t say it was all bad.

I got this in the mail today.mail goodiesMail goodies

2 skiens of cotton yarn- one Cascade Pima Cotton and one Sugar and Cream ,an M&M”S note pad and a yummy orange scented candle.But I’m not sure where it came from there was no note telling me wether it was from a secret pal or from the dishcloth exchange contest I won.All it had was a return adress from Alanta, GA.

Next my friend Kathie called me to say that I could have all the fabric I wanted from her stash. She has bolt upon bolt left over from when she owned her shop(now closed). I don’t have to give her anything. So that was one problem solved. I will be able to make my handbags for very little out of pocket expence. Isn’t she the bestest pal a girl could have.

And I finally got my invite to Ravelry . I signed up on May 30th so it took about 6 weeks which seems to be about what everyone else that I heard from said it took for them. I am excited to see what all the fuss it about. So if you’re over on Ravelry look me up my scren name is rubyjune.

Well I think I’ve subjected you to enough of my depression. Hope you had a better day than I. Happy Knitting.


4 thoughts on “Depressed

  1. I hear you my friend, I know all about life interfering when we are making plans!! Can you use a debit card for the Etsy shop, if not open another blog just to sell things, I have seen others do it and get a paypal account to accept payments. If I can be of any help please let me know!!!!

  2. Grace is right, use PayPal! I was just about to suggest that myself. You can have the money go to your checking account. Most people (and online sellers) use PayPal. Works great for me. I have only had ONE person not use it!! ONE!!

    Send me an email when you get a minute. I have some ideas for your computer. That has happened to mine and it is now running great!

    I’m so sorry to hear your trip was canceled. I know how much you were looking forward to it!

  3. Grace is right! Use a debit card! It works!!! I hate to hear your trip was canceled. I’ve had to cancel one myself. Big hugs! I’ll look for you on ravelry!!! I”m LesleyD

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