Contest Link and wondering

We all love contests, right?! Well, pop over and check out this one. I found it via another blogging friend, so I hope you’ll visit them both too. It’s a point well-taken; if we don’t leave comments, most bloggers don’t know we’re reading.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone does read my blog.Well I know a few do cause they leave commemts and I think you for doing so but when I see other blogs with 10, 16 or even 20+ comments I wonder what I am doing wrong.It’s a good day for me if I reach 5.

I sometimes wonder if my blog is just to boring or maybe I just am not writting about things others want to read. What can I do to make my blog better? What kind of posts do others like to see? I just don’t know what more I can do if no one lets me know.


4 thoughts on “Contest Link and wondering

  1. If you join a webring, that could be a way to generate traffic to your blog. Also, I read and comment on a lot of blogs… so I get to know people and have fun reading/commenting. I will admit, I am online a few hours a day, but this is my hobby as well as knitting.

    Post often, put pictures up, and BE YOU! You’ll get more traffic before you know it.

  2. We read your blog at least once or twice a week, promise, I will remind her to be better about commenting…..

  3. Thought I’d check in and say hey. Good job on getting the box moving. Regarding comments, sometimes if you put really specific info in the categories area on your post you will get a bit more traffic from new people that are searching by category. Also, just leave comments on lots of other people’s blogs. It makes them curious about who you are and they’ll check your blog too. Just have some fun.

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