Garden grows wild.

Sorry about the down troden posts the last couple of days. My finanical situation just got to me but I’ve decided I’ve done all I can do for now I just have to wait for the others to do their part and then we will go from there and what will be will be. I’m done feeling depressed.

And so with that said I wanted to share some picture of my garden.Gardengarden

 I call it the RUN -A -MUCK garden because Wayne just didn’t think it through very well when he planted it.

I’ve got squash coming out the wazoo. acorn squash squash

This is the first time we’ve ever planted squash- acorn and one other varity but I forget the name.

I like squash and all but what am I going to do with so darn many? I do have a few recipes I can try and I was even thinking about trying to make it up like you would pumpkin bread.

Speaking of pumpkins here is our very first white pumpkinwhite pumpkin

and out first orange one. pumpkinYa can’t tell it will be orange yet but trust me it will be. Can’t wait for them to be ready I love making pumpkins rolls.YUMMY.

Here is my cuddly lion aka Border Collie Titan.Titan He keeps watch over our garden. as you can see he wants to plays. He loves to play fetch. And tug of war with his shirt. Yes he has an old shirt that Wayne was going to throw away well Titan decided he wanted it instead and now he wont let anyone have if they try to grab it. Pets are funny in what they like to play with.

Tomorrow I’ll show you our other two dogs Grunt and Rocky but for now I leave you with a parting shot of my cat Scooter.ScooterScooter

Til next time Happy Knitting.


3 thoughts on “Garden grows wild.

  1. I love your garden. I wish we had some squash. My garden is tiny compared to yours. Next year I want mine to be bigger. I love summer squash best.

    How about setting up a “stand” (chair & table) in front of the house & selling the overflow of veggies for a little extra money?

  2. Your dog is adorable.

    Thank you for the pumpkin and sqaush posts. Something I did not plant is growing inmy garden. I hoped it was a pumpkin. Now I know it is. I think I let the Halloween Pumpkin just rot out in the garden last november. Now something wonderful has come out of it.

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