What a relief.

Well we heard from the bank on Wednesday and they are going to let us refinance. Let me tell it was a huge relief. It felt like a big weight was lifted. I wanted to cry when I was talking to the guy at the bank but I kept my calm and finshed the conversation. I feel so much better than I have in the last week. Sure finances will still be tight for a while but now we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Also I went to my friend Kathie’s House Wednesday and as a celeration she took me to the Dairy Queen. It was nothing fancy but hey what did I care as long as she was buying I was happy. She also bought me this cute little pixiePixie. I think it is adorable. It was made by a high school student. She has had no training and took no classes on how to do this. I am very impressed. It is made from polymer clay. I am seriously considering buying more.

Also while I was there she let me go thru her fabric and here is what I came home with.  I am working on a new handbag design and I think these fabrics will look good for what I have in mind.


Thought I’d share another pet picture with you.This is my dog Grunt. Fat little pooch isn’t he. He’s part beagle and part basset. He already had the name when we got him so we didn;t change it. But believe me it fits him because he does alot of grunting.Grunt

I’ve been doing some thinking, Ya know I’m ok with the fact that not everyone leaves a comment. I’ve done some blog reading and haven’t left any comments so I am guilty of it myself.But I know poeple are reading because I would not have 1, 776 or so hits and my comments have reached over 100 so hey I’m just going to stop worrying cause I still know others are reading. So read on folks but don’t forget to say Hi once in awhile.


4 thoughts on “What a relief.

  1. Just so you know, I subscribe to your blog through bloglines and thus am notified every time you post, so I read every single post you make! I do most of my blog reading at work though so don’t always have time to comment as much as I’d like to! But rest assured, I’m reading, so I am sure other people are too!

  2. Congrats on the re-fi, She just finished that 2 months ago and fully understands and sympathizes. It’s a big and painful step that helps in the long run. Watch the mail and happy knitting.

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