Glad that’s over.

But there is still more to go.Well today the appraiser came to look over the house for the refinance process. I worked my butt off for hours to get things looking decent. It took him all of 20 minutes to look things over and then say we’ll get the paper work done and you should here from the bank sometime next week. Say what!? That just means more waiting. Let me tell I am getting tired of playing the waiting game. It’s been 2 weeks now since we started this whole process and I am so ready for it to be over. But I know it takes time to get these things done so I must be patient even if I don’t wanna be.The wheels of progress sure can move slowly sometimes.


One thought on “Glad that’s over.

  1. Sounds like you did what we did – wasted time cleaning top to bottom only to find out appraiser don’t give a crap about “clean” – they’re only there to see the space… how much space you have, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. pretty much……

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