Some actual knitting content.

I actually have been doing some knitting thru all this with the house and financial worries. It’s helped keep me sane. The knitting has been slow going because I hadn’t been able to concentrate for longer than a few minutes at a time. But I can show you what little I do have done.

First it a pair of Thuja socks for my mom for christmas.WIP I had orginally thought about doing braided cable soks from More Sensational Knitted Socks. But the yarn is just too dark to show the cable work. I figured I would just go with something simple and this pattern works great with the yarn.

Next up is a 4 corners dishcloth. Pattern can be found on Abigals blog- 1870 Pearl.(Link on the right.)4C's WIPIt is for a swap I am in I won’t say which one incase my pal should happen upon my blog. I am using the Cascade cotton I got from the DDS contest I won last month.

And I am excited I got my conformation yesterday and I am in SP11. Yeah! Also I am waiting for the Knit 1 Tea 2 swap to open up. I just love swaps especially when they involve tea and yarn.


4 thoughts on “Some actual knitting content.

  1. knitting keeps me sane, thats for sure!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow and the swap to open too, I just hope I remember. And yes the mortgage companies are slow, they have you over a barrell and the use it to their advantage!!!!

  2. yay socks!
    that yarn looks so pretty and soft.
    mortgage people suck. we did some mortgage stuff recently, and it took MONTHS. heres wishing better/faster luck to you!

  3. I really like the dishcloth pattern. I will hop over to the other blog to get it. Hang in there, better days are coming…the process is slow but it will be finished soon. My hubby is in the business( mortgage) and when we did our refi it didn’t go any faster! We needed it to send three kids through college. On the last one now!

  4. I am having a contest – Check it out!! Name my new baby!!

    Please let me know if you ever decide to go back to VA – that is where I am from originally and I would love to meet and have a cup of tea or coffee, or if you plan a trip to NC!!

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