Small update.

I know my blog has been a little boring lately and I apologize. I’ve been super busy as of late. Mr Knowledge(#2 son) started footbal practice last week  and so we are there 5 out of 7 days.

The A/C decided to take a dive this morning and it can not be fixed. And a new one is not in the budget right now. Grandma lent me a fan for the time being. It’s not the same as the AC but it helps some in this opressive heat.

I don’t have any new pictures to show right now just haven’t had time to take any. I’ve been working day shift to cover vacations this week. so I leave home at 8 am and do not return til 8pm.

Still no word from the bank but of course you all know they move at their own pace. SNAILS PACE THAT IS.

Dish Rag Tag started last wednesday. As team cap’n I recieved the box first. It arrived saturday. I knitted my dish cloth furiously on Sunday so I could send it out Monday morning. But I forgot to take a picture of my finished cloth.

Mr Teenager(#1 son) turns 15 Thursday. He is bugging me to go to the mall so he can spend B-day money. I really don’t wanna, I don’t enjoy self punishment. I work retail and deal with enough people as it is then to have to go shopping on my day off, UGH,but seeing how I love my boy I’ll be a good mama and take him.

Hopefully I’ll find time to do a better post on my days off til then Take Care and Happy knitting.


2 thoughts on “Small update.

  1. did you check the cup of tea site at ravelry the swap assignments are up, still waiting for the box from Karen, looks like some of the other teams are way ahead already but its still going to be fun!!! Happy Birthday to your boy!!!

  2. Hey we all have weeks like that! I understand what it is like to be without AC. Mine went out in July. Luckily it just needed a GOOD cleaning. I hope you can get yours back up and going again soon or that you get a GOOD COLD Front in your area that lasts until you can get a new AC. Big hugs!

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