Yeah, It’s done!

Well today we went to the bank and signed the papers for the refinance. WOO am I glad that is finally over. However we still have to wait three business days before they will release the checks to use.It’s called recognisance days incase we change our minds. But that is not going to happen. No way, no how not when it helps get us out of debt! I feel so much better knowing things are going to get back on track now.

To celebrate I did a little shopping today. Really should not have but I just couldn’t help myself. My friend Donnely came over today and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Michaels of course I was not going to says no. I mean that’s just plain crazy if I didn’t go. After our trip there we stopped for a bite to eat at Yoder’s County Kitchen for some good amish cooking. And then we were off to our next stop which was Hobby Lobby.  Between the two store I only spent about $25 so I think I did a pretty good of curving my spending when I easliy could have spent so much more. I was on a cotton kick today because all the yarn I bought was cotton.Here is what I got.

Cotton Stash

Patons Grace in lavander 100% mercerized cotton, DMC Senso Demin 60% cotton 40% acrilico, Lily Sugar N Cream self striping in Natural Strips 100% cotton , Boye dpns in size 6 and a few other $1 items to but in swap packages.(not pictured)

Mr. Fisherman doesn’t know I splurged and bought yarn and I’m not going to be the one to tell him. It’s already with the rest of my stash and he has no idea what yarns I’ve had and what one’s are new.As long as he stays in the dark about it we get along just fine. LOL.

I think with the Sugar N Cream I’m going to knit Mandy’s Candy bag which is why I had to buy the size 6 dpns. I only had 5 or 8 and the 5’s are being used for a pair of socks and the 8’s were just too big. I tried the bag and didn’t like the size. I’ve already cast on the 6’s and it’s working wonderfully. Guess that might be why she suggested sixes. LOL. I wasn’t going to knit the bag at first but I just couldn’t help myself. Grace has already made up a few and so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. Grace se what ya made me do. HEE HEE. I’ll be sure to show you the finished product. Maybe I’ll even get it done in time to be entered into Mandy’s contest.

* Note – don’t type a blog post when husband is around and tends to read over your shoulder. So Mr. Fisherman knows I bought yarn. He just laughed at me and well there isn’t really much he can do about it now anyway cause I am not taking it back. HA! and he loves me too much to do that to the wonderful woman in his life.


3 thoughts on “Yeah, It’s done!

  1. My man does the same thing, always seems to read over my shoulder when I don’t want him too

    and me the cause for your purchases, wasn’t it you who originally mentioned the contest or what
    Big smiles :o)

  2. Like your arm really needed to be twisted, HA!!!!
    Your blog just gets better and better as does your talent. Had a great time “shopping”

    one of the graces

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