My favorite Season!~

Now that is it September I start thinking about fall.Fall

I love fall it is my favorite season. It is such a beautiful time of the year with all it’s colors. Rich deep shades of red, green, yellow,orange and brown splashed everywhere. The cooler weather brings weiner roasts and hay wagon rides and pumkins and scarecrows begin popping up every where. Time just seems to slow down after the rush of summer. My favorite childhood memory of fall is raking leaves into a pile and then jumping in them andthen raking them back up to jump again. I loved playing in those leaves for hours.

Now though as an adult I love decorating for fall. I collect pumpkins Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketand scarecrows scarecrowto set out for this season. I enjoy Halloween things aslo but pumpkins and scarecrows can be set out from September til November. I like to enjoy a nice cup of tea on a cool fall evening. I would love to find some pumpkin spice tea.(Hint hint Secret pal)LOL.

  So now that I’ve shared my favorite  I’d love to hear what your favoite season is.


4 thoughts on “My favorite Season!~

  1. I am with you on Fall being the best. The leaves, the cooler temps, getting things ready for winter and being able to wear a different wardrobe. Especially nice warm socks!

  2. I am with you Autumn starts the ball for home decorating I even change screensavers and wallpapers to depect the holiday theme!!!!! Can’t join the sock knit swap I don’t do socks! Have a great Labor day!!!

  3. I with y’all on Fall as well!! I love the colors of Fall and the thoughts of cool cozy nights by the fire, pumpkin pie and a good apple cobbler! YUM!! And besides I love my fall wardrobe MUCH better than my summer one!!! 🙂

  4. Fall has always been my very favorite time of year also. Hate to see it end with the first snow fall. And btw, orange is also my very favorite color. I love ’em all, but orange the best. 😉

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