I’m a winner

I’ve been lucky lately. I’ve won a few contests. Seems I’m going to have to repay the favor soon. I’ll have to think on it.Anyway here is what I’ve won.

First I won Rachel’s contest. Not yet sure what the prise is. She is keeping it a suprise. I’m hoping for one of her gourds. You should see them they are Spectacular. But I am sure I will be happy with whatever she sends.

And then I found out last night I won the contest Schrodinger was having.It is a cute little sock bag that she makes. I chose the D bag Amber Eternity. For those of you who didn’t win or enter you can still get one of her bags. She sell them on Esty. Check her blog for the link. They are just too cute and I am thrilled to be getting one.


5 thoughts on “I’m a winner

  1. Congratulations on the wins . It’s always nice to get these little surprises . Thanks for the pumpkin spice recipe in a previous post – sounds yummy and will definitely give them a try. Also, thanks for stopping and leaving a comment on my blog . Much appreciated !

  2. Guess what all your good luck did not stop there because you won yet another prize from me! Why you ask? Well you are my 2000th commmentor at my blog:D!!!!!!

    Send me your addy and I will get a little pressie out to you.


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