Taking a break.

Seems I’ve put  you all asleep  here as of late with my boring posts and pictureless blogging because everyone has stopped commenting. Every time I think of something funny and witty to post it doesn’t come out the way I had it all planned out in my head. So I’ve just decided to take a break from blogging for awhile. To be frank with you. It just doesn’t seem to be any fun right now and at times I feel as if I’ve run out of things to tell you. I’ve also been neglecting things here at home.
So unless I recieve things from my swaps I just wont be posting much for awhile.

UPDATEd 11:30 pm: I do not mean to imply that is it because no one is commenting.That certainly is not the reason. I just have so much happening right now and I am finding that I am spending way too much time on here. I am very sorry if it came across that way.I don’t plan to stay away forever It’s just a temporary break til I can get things in order here at home.


5 thoughts on “Taking a break.

  1. You shouldn’t feel like you have to blog for other people – that’s one important thing I’ve realized lately.

    I have issues when I say things and nobody comments, but it’s ok. If you don’t like doing it, don’t 🙂

  2. Whatever!! I’m still reading and LMAO at your posts! I’m usually just trying to catch up on everyone’s happenings in bloglines and don’t have much time to comment.
    I’m still reading!! Tell ya what! I’ll leave a Lesley status for ya!! Only for you Scarlett!!! Muwah!

  3. See look! 3 Comments!
    Forgive me! It’s the antibiotics, divorce date coming up this week and soccer schedules swimming around in my head!!! Susan Jen I’ll leave you a Lesley was here! Definately!!!! You already have 3!!!

  4. I will miss you, I enjoy reading your posts so much, I did miss a few because we were away a few days and I just spent this afternoon catching up on blog reading instead of blog posting. I do think its wonderful that you designed a pattern, its fun to do, but writing them up for me is harder then I would like it to be, Then I found out the one I have and published on Elann, they are discontinuing the yarn for, yes it will work with others but its a bit disappointing.
    I hope you will keep in touch, if not by blogging please email me when you can needles54 at optonline dot net

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