It’s official-Fall is Here!

Yesterday was the official beginging of Autumn and ya know what that means-It’s time for my annual Autumn Harvest Party. I will be busy these next few days getting ready for it. I will be having it on Thursday. So there is lots of cleaning to do to get prepared and baking too.

This years menu will be Sloppy Joes, Cheesey Potato Chowder,Breadstick stuffed with cheese, Chocolate chip scones, Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread and brownies. And then tea and punch to drink.

And I will be having a friend do a yarn dying demo. I will be sure to get pictures if I can and tell you all how the day turns out. I just love Autumn!


6 thoughts on “It’s official-Fall is Here!

  1. I wish I loved in Ohio!!!! I love parties and I love Autumn. I guess it has to do with my birthday, but you know spring it rains, summer gets too hot, winter there is snow but I can’t find a single complaint about fall!!!

  2. And who will you be inviting to this little party? hmmm? Did you see the mittens? I’m taking a do-over on the first one but the second one turned out perfect.

  3. I am working on putting together your box of goodies when I realize how quickly Oct. 1 is approaching … so now I’m knitting away at your special tea related item and hope to have your box in the mail by Friday morning!

    Your Tea Swap pal

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