Party Time!

Today I had my annual Harvest Party. It went well despite the fact that it rained all day. I had originally planned to have it under a canopy in my side yard but had to change locations and the front porch became party central. There were six of us. Two of the ladies I invited were not able to come due to last minute happenings. We ate lots of good food, had a few laughs and made mini pumpkin 

Donnely did a dying demonstration and we hand painted wool roving using kool-aid. I dyed a skein of thick-n- thin handspun Merino that I’ve had for about a year now. It’s a red, orange mix, nice fall colors.fall merino Still not sure what I want to knit up with it yet.

All in all we had a great time even if Mother Nature decided to rain on my parade so to speak. I’m already looking forward to next years party.


6 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. Hey there pal, just wanted to let you know and appologize in advance that you box has not been mailed yet, but I’m frantically knitting away to finish up your knitted goody. I plan to have the box in the morning on Monday, sending by priority so you should receive it by Wed/Thurs and I hope it’ll be worth the wait!

    Your Tea Swap partner 🙂

    Happy Fall!

  2. Ok, this is Donnely I see she left out the fact that I made a twit of myself! The dyed fiber is totally awesome, will be posting it on my blog. The little pumpkins were so much fun. I have a great video of Jen teaching us to make the pumpkins. The food was oh so wonderful, I did say I am dragon but for that day more like a little piglet!

    Jen’s neighbors dog decided that the party would not be complete without his presence. He did have a good time with the fiber….

    All in all it was a wonderful time!!!! Thank you Jen for being such a part of my life!

    Donnely the BlueRose

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