K1T2- Wow what a Package!

I received my K1 T2 Swap package last Thursday. This is the first I’ve had to post it. I bet my pal thought I forgot.

My pal was Nichole. I had no clue it was her.What amuses me about her being my swap pal is the fact that we were also Dish Rag Tag team mates. And I also read her blog so she did a very good job of not letting it slip that she was my pal.

Look at all the great goodies she sent me. K1T2 Package

Three flavors of Tea. She even found Pumpkin Spice Tea. How awesome is that! It is delicious. In the package was some red Tahki yarn-a donegal tweed, bath goodies, a note pad, some poprocks that Mr Knowledge swipped and some Pumpkin shaped Peeps-which I had to let harden before I eat them, a cute little blck pumpkin decoration- it now sits outside decorating the table on my porch, some cool teapot stitch markers( which I am currently using),Teapot stitch markers

 a cute little Halloween bear ornie,some tea crackers with chocolate filling and packet of hot cocoa.

She made a cotton tea cozy for my teapot. It fits nicely. I love the red handles/bow on top.Tea Cozy

But my favorite item she sent is this Kitty mug.Kitty Mug It is in honor of losing my beloved kitty Scooter. Though it doesn’t look like her It still makes me think of her each time I use it. Thank you so much Nichole.

This was a great package and I am thrilled that we got to cross swap paths once again. I hope I get to repay the favor someday.

Rippled Fingerless Mittens

Note: There seems to be a mistake in this pattern. I will be researching it and fixing it soon. please bear with me until I get it fixed. 6-10-2010

I would like to offer to you my very first design. I made these fingerless mittens because I couldn’t find any that I liked. They are easy and knit up in no time. If you knit a pair let me know I’d really like to see them. I hope this is the first of many patterns for me.

Rippled Fingerless Mittens

By Ruby June Designs


The perfect mitten to keep your hands and wrists warm while your fingers stay active.


1 skein bulky weight yarn (Plymouth Encore Chunky or Knit Picks Sierra)

Gauge:7 rows and 5sts=1 inch

You will need approximately 100 yds to make one pair)

Size 6 dpns

Stitch holder

Stitch Marker

Yarn needle

Row counter (optional)

Twisted Rib Pattern:K1 tbl, P1 to end of round

Right Hand:

Begin at cuff. CO 32 sts.

Divide onto 3 DPN’s as follows:

Needle 1: 12

Needle 2: 12

Needle 3: 8

Join being careful not to twist stitches.

Place marker, knit 6 rounds in 1×1 Twisted Rib pattern.

Begin Ripple Pattern:

*Knit 3 rnds

Knit next 3 rnds as follows: Needle 1 – Knit all sts, Needles 2 and 3- k1, p1 to end of rnd.

Repeat this pattern from * 2 more times.

You should now have 3 ripples on your glove.

Begin Gusset Shaping:

Inc one st (kf&b) in the 1st 2 sts. (14 stitches on Needle 1) Knit to end of rnd.

Knit 2 rnds.

Next rnd: knit all sts on Needle 1, K1, P1 on Needles 2 and 3.

Inc in the 1st st (k f&b), K2, inc in next st (k f&b) ,knit to end of Needle 1. (16 stitches on Needle 1) K1, P1 on Needles 2 and 3.

K all sts  n Needle 1, k1,p1 on Needles 2-3

K two rnds.

Inc in 1st st (kf&b) k4, inc in next st (k f&b)(18 stitches on Needle 1), k to end of rnd.

Next 3 rnds as follows: Needle 1-k all sts , Needles 2 & 3- k1, p1

Inc in 1st st, k6, inc in next st, (20 stitches on Needle 1) k to end of rnd

Knit 1 rnd

Place first 10 stitches from Needle 1 on stitch holder for thumb.

Knit to end of round. On Needle 3, co 4sts using backward loop cast on method.

You should have 12 sts on Needle 3, 10sts on Needle 1 and 10sts on Needle 2.

Work 3 rnds in Twisted Rib Pattern. Bind off all sts loosely in pattern.


Divide thumb sts from holder on 2 dpns.

Attach yarn and pick up and knit 6 sts evenly around thumb opening.

You will now have 16sts

K one  rnd. (being careful to make sure you do not have your ridges on the outside of thumb)

K2tog, k2, k2tog, knit to end of rnd.

Work 2 rnds in Twisted Rib Pattern.

Bind off loosely in pattern.

Left hand:

Knit same as right hand until gusset.

Begin Gusset Shaping:

K10, inc (kf&b) last 2 sts on needle 1(14 stitches on Needle 1), k to end of rnd

Knit 2 rnds

Next rnd k all sts on needle 1 , k1, p1 on needle 2-3

K10, inc (kf&b), k2, inc (kf&b) on needle 1, (16 stitches on Needle 1)

k1, p1 on needles 2-3

Next rnd k sts –needle 1, k1, p1 needles 2-3

Knit 2 rnds

K10, inc, k4, inc )(18 stitches on Needle 1), k to end of rnd.

Next 3 rnds , k –needle 1, k1,p1 – needles 2-3

K10, inc (kf&b), k6, inc (kf&b) (20 stitiches on Needle 1), k to end of rnd.

Knit 1 rnd

K 1st 10 sts on needle 1, place next 10 sts on stitch holder.

Using backward cast on method, CO 4sts on needle 1, join , k to end of rnd

There should be 12 sts on needle 1, 10 on needle 2 and 10 on needle 3.

Finish Thumb as on right hand.


Weave in all loose end and enjoy your new mitts!

rippled mitts

This pattern is provided for personal use only. Items made from this pattern may not be sold for profit. Stores may not sell these patterns or give them away to customers without consent of the designer. Images and text may not be used on your own site. You may print one copy for personal use, However you may not redistribute the pattern in any way.

If you have any questions, please contact Jen (rubyjunes@gmail.com)

Copyright 2007 – 2008 Ruby June Designs

An original design by Jennifer Wentland www.thewentlandway.wordpress.com

Many Thanks goes to Kate Vasa and Ally Belser for their help with knitting my very first design.

Also I can not take credit for the great pictures- they were taken by Kate Vasa and Ally B.

Note: an alternate pattern Twisted Ripples can be found on my Ruby June Blog.Link on the right

Casting On Again

I’ve been looking for a scarf to knit with my skein of handspun Thick-n-Thin spun by Donnely and dyed by me.Fall Foliage

Last night I was reading Carole’s Blog and saw that she was knitting a Corrigator Scarf. So I went to check it out and knew that was the scarf I was looking for. So I immediately cast on and knit a few rows.


Then I asked myself why would I start another project when I’ve already got a pair of Twisted Ripples Fingerless mitts(working on pattern) Twisted Ripples and one Cafe Curtain sock( for a swap)Cafe Curtain sockalready on the needles. And I got 4 other project waiting to be started for Christmas.

Well my dear friends the answer is really quite simple. I’m a knitter and I can’t help myself because I have start-it-i-tis. And beside how many of us only have one project on the needles anyway. We are addicted and can not stop ourselves from casting on. And frankly I don’t plan to find a cure any time soon. Do You?

Lovely Fall Day

knitting blanket

Today was such a lovely day that I decided to do some knitting outside. So I armed myself with a pretty fall blanket some Earl Grey Tea and proceded to my favorite knitting spot. I worked on a pair of my fingerless gloves.Jen knitting

I had to share the view with you.view

Fall Day

Sky View It was just so peaceful and beautiful that I lost track of time. The sun was shinning and birds were chirping and flying about, butterflys were fluttering around and I was even visited by a catterpillar.catterpillar. I love MotherNature in all her glory.

Later in the day I talked Mr Teenager into modeling the ribbed hat I finished Monday.He wasn’t the happiest of models but I did manage a small smile out of him long enough to get this picture.

Mr Teenager


Pattern: 1×1 Ribbed Hat


Yarn: Cleckheaton  Country 8 ply Naturals 1812 in Navy Tweed

Started: September 14, 2007

Finished: October 1st, 2007

My Stash

For SP11 we were asked to post our stash. Well I am actually embarrassed to show my stash. It’s not because it’s a smaller stash compared to some I’ve seen. I do well enough to add to my stash on a pretty regular basis. My stash is very unorganized and I’m ashamed to say it’s quite frankly a BIG mess. I keep telling myself I’m going to do better and get it stacked neatly but that never seems to happen. I really do not have any storage space in my house(really need to move to a bigger one-but that takes money.) so it gets stuffed in baskets which I need to buy bigger ones because the stash seems to keep mysteriously growing. There are some great yarns in  there you really can’t see because of the mess.

Even though I know I wont win any contests with my stash, Miss Shelby you asked for it so ye shall receive it. Pics of my messy, unorganized, monstrosity of a yarn stash.stash1



Note: the red/grey yarn is from C*EYE*BER FIBER. Colorway: Testudo sent to me by my SP11 pal

Time to move on!

You know it’s time to start looking for a new job when just the thought of going to work makes you angry. There have been so many changes lately where I work and I can’t say they’ve all been good.  I really don’t mind working  2-11 but I am really tired of having to work every weekend. Mr Halloween and the boys are home weekends and the rest of my family does all their get togethers then too and guess who has to miss them all because she has to work. For the longest time my days off were Tuesday and Wednesday and I was able to plan things for those days but recently the’ve began messing with my schedule and I never know what days I will have off, but rest asssured it will not be Saturday or Sunday. Mr Knowledge gets so disappointed because I have to miss his football games due to work. But thats the trouble with retail. You have to live your life around them because they must come first. Well I beieve it’s time for my life to come first, I’ve lived their life for 9 yrs now it’s time to live mine.

Now that I’ve bored you with my ranting it’s time to move on to some knitterly news(spell checker is gonna hate that one). I’ve been knitting a beanie for my brother for christmas and I finished it this morning. 1x1 ribbed beanieI used one skein of Cleckheaton Country 8ply Naturals in a Navy tweed. It’s a machine washable wool/acrylic blend, which is good because I know my brother is not going to take the time to hand wash  anything. would you if you were a 30 yrd old unmarried guy who is always on the go.

Still waiting on from one of my two test knitters for my fingerless mitts. Thanks to Kattie and Ally B for volunteering to knit them for me. I appreciate their help so I can make a better pattern to share with you. Here’s Ally’s mittsAlly's rippled Mitts She did a great job and they turned out nicely.

 I’ve already got another pattern idea. I have to work things out first then I’ll try knitting it before I give you a sneak peak at it.

Guess what:) my good friend Donnely has loaned me a computer and I can share my pictures again. YEAH- I am excited. I ‘ve been able to get my projects uploaded to Ravelry and hope to add many more. I still can’t add my printer so I am not sure if there is something wrong with the software or it’s just not compatible with these older computers because it worked fine with my old pc. But anyway be warned you guys will get sick of seeing all my photos now that I’m able to add them again. HEE HEE.

Ok now I’m off I have a sock to knit but I thought I’d leave ya with the view from my back door.backyard view Yeah I know it’s not very exciting but it’s the only veiw I have.

Happy knitting and Have nice day.