Changing directions

When I restarted blogging it was my intention to make this blog about simplifying our lives and down sizing our possessions but it seems life at this moment has taken this blog in a different direction at least for now anyway.

We are are in the mists of a bitter cold spell at the moment at in these freezing time I don’t venture out unless necessary, yea I know I’m a wimp but hey I like to be warm. So there isn’t a lot happening on the growing front or outside much for that matter for us so it appears you will have to deal with my food posts and my healing journey until the deep freeze aka winter is over. 🙂

With that being said I don’t know if I have bored you with the details of my heal and don’t really feel like going into great details but in 2012 I started having unknown digestive issues and at one time debilitating stomach pain but with drastic diet changes I no longer have that pain. I have had many testes done and the results always come back fine. So I have done most of the work on my own to find way to help my body heal, however I am not 100% healed so I continue to change my diet and work on finding alternative ways of healing my body.

For me it has become about healing through healthy foods and find ways to make and share those foods with my family and have them eating healthier without really knowing it. Yes I know I’m a bit devious like that. (wink wink)100B0210So before I end this post I will leave you with one way I am healing from the inside out. While it maybe winter, I am still able to eat fresh greens by spouting my own broccoli seeds. This way of eating is quickly being coming a passion of mine.sprouts

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