Wylde Childe Studio


Art is a huge part of my life and what makes me so very happy.  Art is also my therapy and where I find solitude. I don’t think I could survive if I were not able to create.

My passion right now is creating Art Dolls. I call these goddesses my children and they reflect who I am on the inside, the part of me I share with so few people but comes through when creating.

They are vibrant and a bit wild and with every one I create I put a little bit of myself into them. When it comes time to send them to their new homes it’s like sending a child off into the world and it saddens me just a bit. But the beauty of it is I get to start all over and create another Wylde Childe(my business name) which I love doing.

Eventually I hope to offer my creations for sale. That is my dream anyway.