Art share


Once in awhile I like to pretend I am an artist. Creating these goddesses is not only fun but also therapeutic. I tend to suffer from knowing my self worth and believing in myself but with each goddess I create I find a little more of me and know that I am worthy of self love.


I think that each one I create portrays a new side of myself that I am only just discovering.


I hope you enjoyed my art share as much as I enjoyed creating these dolls and sharing them with you.

Can’t believe my luck.

Guess what I won yet another prize. Abigail left me a comment telling me I was her 2000th comment. Wow that was unexpected but how cool is that. Wonder what the pressie will be. With all these contest winning as of late, I think I am going to have to repay the favor soon. I will have to think about it and make it something good.

I sat down today and sewed up a little bag much like the one I won here. It was the first time I have ever put a zipper in anything. I wasn’t sure how it would go but hey I did good. I wish I could show you. I am really pleased with how well it turned out. I will have to have my friend Donnely take a picture for me later this week and email it to me so I can put it up for you all to see. I definately will be making more of these.

I’ve started doing some mitered squares the pattern is for cotton and uses size 7 needles. However I have cast on using size 11 and am knitting with Cestari wool. I am going to sew the squares together and make a hotpad and then felt it. It would be perfect for under my teapot if I was actually making it for myself but it is a gift for someone else. I do hope they like the colors I choosen. I’ve decided on green and brown. The colors actually look nice together. I can’t wait to show you.

Well I must go for now. Happy knitting and Have a nice day.

What a relief.

Well we heard from the bank on Wednesday and they are going to let us refinance. Let me tell it was a huge relief. It felt like a big weight was lifted. I wanted to cry when I was talking to the guy at the bank but I kept my calm and finshed the conversation. I feel so much better than I have in the last week. Sure finances will still be tight for a while but now we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Also I went to my friend Kathie’s House Wednesday and as a celeration she took me to the Dairy Queen. It was nothing fancy but hey what did I care as long as she was buying I was happy. She also bought me this cute little pixiePixie. I think it is adorable. It was made by a high school student. She has had no training and took no classes on how to do this. I am very impressed. It is made from polymer clay. I am seriously considering buying more.

Also while I was there she let me go thru her fabric and here is what I came home with.  I am working on a new handbag design and I think these fabrics will look good for what I have in mind.


Thought I’d share another pet picture with you.This is my dog Grunt. Fat little pooch isn’t he. He’s part beagle and part basset. He already had the name when we got him so we didn;t change it. But believe me it fits him because he does alot of grunting.Grunt

I’ve been doing some thinking, Ya know I’m ok with the fact that not everyone leaves a comment. I’ve done some blog reading and haven’t left any comments so I am guilty of it myself.But I know poeple are reading because I would not have 1, 776 or so hits and my comments have reached over 100 so hey I’m just going to stop worrying cause I still know others are reading. So read on folks but don’t forget to say Hi once in awhile.

More Yarn.

I got more yarn in th mail today. It’s always a good day when I get yarn.

Grace sent me this,

Knit Picks yarn in colorways Star Gazer, Mesa and New England Foliage(my fave) in exchange for these.

Aren’t they just the cutest. I love making these little frogs.

It’s one way I can get yarn and not hurt my budget. Since my fabric buying delimma was solved maybe I can find a way around yarn buying. Maybe I can barter with others who are willing to part with a skein or two.

A little shopping and sewing.

Donnely and Kathie

Last Wednesday my very bestet friends Kathie and Donnely and I went out to lunch and then decided to hit Hobby Lobby afterwards.


Boy did I endup with much more than I had planned on buying but I couldn’t help myself they had lots of pretty fabric for $2 a yard and I just couldn’t pass it up. Of course I couldn’t forget about knitting supplies either so I had to get me some cotton yarn cause I just love knitting those dishcloths.

The fabric of course will be made into handbags as shown here by my youngest son “Mr Knowledge”


Of course you can tell he is so thrilled to be showing off my hand bag. Kids don’t ya just love em LOL.

Hand Bags

I just love making these bags and have 6 orders for them. I don’t use a pattern but they are so easy to sew and make up in just a few hours. I want to sell these bags for $15.95 and that would still make me a good profit from them. I don’t think that is asking too much for them.

I’ve also been making pincushions but can’t show you because the batteries on my camera went dead and they are now being recharged so as soon as they are done I will show them to you.

* post edit on 7-3-07 at 11:30 p.m. to include prices.

Friendship Frogs

Friendship frogs

I would like to introduce Frankie, Freddie and Filbert(Filbie for short). While reading another blog yesterday, Wild Yarn. I saw that she had posted a pic of a cute little frog that she made and she also posted the link to the pattern. So of course I just had to check it out. I have to say I love these little guys and they worked up so fast! and were so fun . I can easily make more (and I will).However I enlarged the pattern a bit for a bigger frog.

Now I will be sending Frankie(yellow and green) and Freddie(green and purple) off to new homes with my friends Kathie and Donnley so that when we can’t be together they will think of me when they look at their frog.


Gifts for baby.

I spent the day making baby gifts. One of my cousins is having a baby shower on Saturday and since I always make gifts instead of buying them I knew  I had to make stuff for the new baby.  First I made a washcloth, bib and socks.

Baby Stash

Then I made a little Soft-N-Silky. It’s a little comfort blankie that about 12×12 and have soft fleece on one side and silky fabric on the other side. Babies like to rub it against their cheeks.


I made a  burp pad too and I am also working on a receiving blanket to go with it and will have to get pics when I am done.Burp Pad

Burp PadI just love making baby gifts. It’s fun and so easy to come up with ideas. Beside they make up in no time.

I also made something for myself while I was at it. pinwheel

A pinwheel cloth I found on Abigail’s blog. It made up really quick. I made it with Peaches -n- Cream cotton I dyed myself. I call it Tropical Island. I just love the bright colors.

 BTW my hand is healing nicely. The burn no longer hurts and is slowly fading. Thanks for asking after me.

Be sure to stop by my other blog Ruby June’s(link in blog roll)to checkout my handbags and other items I am making.

Enjoy your day and Happy Knitting.