It’s official-Fall is Here!

Yesterday was the official beginging of Autumn and ya know what that means-It’s time for my annual Autumn Harvest Party. I will be busy these next few days getting ready for it. I will be having it on Thursday. So there is lots of cleaning to do to get prepared and baking too.

This years menu will be Sloppy Joes, Cheesey Potato Chowder,Breadstick stuffed with cheese, Chocolate chip scones, Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread and brownies. And then tea and punch to drink.

And I will be having a friend do a yarn dying demo. I will be sure to get pictures if I can and tell you all how the day turns out. I just love Autumn!

I passed!

 Those of you who regularly read my blog may know that I work in a retail store. Wont say what one. But anyway I am a sales associate on the sales floor.

My assistant manger has been after me for the last two weeks to put Department maganger as one of my career goals so that when a position comes up I can be considered for it. For this you have to take an assesment test on the computer. Well I did it about a year ago and did not pass. So I was a little apprehensive about doing it again. I kept putting it off and was worried that I would not pass it again this time.I kept telling myself I didn’t want that responsiblity. Well tonight I finally worked up the courage to take the test. And guess what. I PASSED. I couldn’t believe it when those words popped up on the screen. I was worried for nothing.  I think I just wasn’t ready for it the last time I tried but now I think the time wasright or I would not have passed. I didn’t realize how much I wanted it until after the test was done. So if I ever get Departmanet manager that means I would work 7-4 instead of 2-11 and I would have weekend off instead of working every weeknd. I know everyone here at home would like that. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something comes up soon.
I rushed home to tell Mr Fisherman but he is alseep, now he must wait until tomoorw to hear my news. So I am happy to share it with you first.

Dishcloth Exchange Package.

My package from the DDS Swap arrived on Tuesday but I just didn’t have time to post it til now.

DDS Swap goodiesMy swap partner was Jennifer. She sent me a wonderful package. The dishcloth she sent were her very first ones. I am honored to be the receipient of such lovely dishcloths and two matching coasters and in nice bright colors too. She sent me two skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic 100% mercerised cotton.Also she included the patterns for them so I can make more if I want. And she is a girl after my own heart in my package was English breakfast tea, which I have already sampled and Hershey’s chocolate sticks, sampled of course. Then I got the cute little birdie pen, a jar which I will be putting candle in and using on my patio, some cute charms which I think I will make into magnets for the fridge, a handy post it note pad , some yummy smelling soap and lotion which is aldreay in my purse. But the bestet and favoritest thing she sent me was these wonderful stitch markers.buffalo stitch markers My very own set of Buffalo Sticth markers that is. I LOVE them. Thank you Jennifer for a great package!!!

I’ve been reading

Non-knitting content, Gasp! Can you imagine!

While I was getting ready for bed last night the TV in our bedroom was on the local PBS station, Wayne likes to watch The Red Green Show on Saturday nights but usually falls asleep before it’s over. He is not a night owl like me. Any way they showed a preview for a moviecalled The Civil War. It look pretty interesting. I love anything from that time period. It was on at 1p.m. today so I asked my mom to record it for me since I had to work.I am anioux to see what it is all about. I’ll let ya know if I like and maybe you’ll want to watch it too.

Also they had a preveiw for an Agatha Christie Movie Miss Marple:Nemesis 

It looked pretty good. It is on at 9p.m tonight so I think that’s where I’ll be be a nice cuppa tea with honey and if I like it I may have to read the book.

Speaking of books my library list keeps growing. Right Now I am reading Laura Childs Tea Shop mystery book series. I’m currently reading book number 2 Gun Powder Green. I tend to read the series backwoods. I’ve all ready read books 6,7,8 and 1 Chamomille Mourning, Blood Orange Brewing, Dragonwell Dead and Death by Darjeeling. All very good reads. I have enjoyed them so far and I feel as if I personally know the characters.

Next on my to read list is the Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Katie also has a few books listed on her blog that I want to read. on is “84, Charing Cross Road” and Rhonda had one listed the other day that I have also added to my list.”Faeries of DreamDark: Blackbringer
by Laini Taylor.

While I’m on the subject of books, you have to read one of my favorite authors Anne George. “Anne wrote a wonderful series of ‘cozy’ mysteries, more popularly known as The Southern Sisters Mysteries.I have to say these books are laugh out loud funny.These wonderfully wacky Southern Sisters stories are what introduced me
 to the work of Anne George, and made me a mystery fan! ”
as quoted from the website. I agree 100% with what this says I love these books.

Geeze between all my reading, knitting and sewing I just don’t have time to go to work. HA! Don’t think I can really get by with that though. Really do gotta pay those bills but I just can’t understand why all those companies think they need my money- what little there is of it. HEE HEE.

Let me know if you’ve read any good books lately. I’d love to hear about them.

Happy knitting and reading to you.


Wow I’ve hit the mother load.

NSFY Secret swap

Look what I got yesterday in the mail. My NSFY Pal Katie sent me lots of goodies. She went way beyond what was required of her. All we really had to send was a single skein of yarn. One for June and one for July but both times she just spoiled me and sent more. I think she was just the best pal ever(By no means am I snubbing or overlooking my other spoilers. I have had some AWESOME pals, and have received wonderful swap boxes). We chatted quite alot through email and I really enjoyed getting to know her.And we have so much in common that it’s just scary. I hope we stay in touch for a long time to come.

I love the yarns which are 100% Bamboo from South West Trading Company and Rowan Denim that is 100% cotton. I love the feel of these yarns and can not waitr to start knitting with them. 

My favorite item though was the Blue Floral mug. I absolutley love this mug.I am such a tea junkie and can never get enough tea or mugs.  And of course she sent me some yummy tea also , Vanilla Caramel Truffle by Lipton and honey sticks from Trader Joes. I love honey in my tea. She also sent Russell Stover’s new international chocolates. Oh so yummy! My two favorite’s Tea and chocolate oh it’s Heavenly.

I don’t want to forget the size 5 DPNs and a couple of patterns and note cards with a fall type theme which just happens to be my favotie season.

Thanks Katie for everything. You are awesome and I love it all!

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Vicki of Knitorious. She suggested the name Moon Lily and it just seem to fit my fairie perfectly. Stop by her blog and congratulate her.

Thank you to everyone who entered.There were a lot of great suggestions and there may very well be many more fairie quilts in the future bearing names suggested by you. I will give credit where credit is due.

Good mail day!

Yarn and Candy

Look what I got in the mail! A fellow knitter and blogger Emily sent me some yarn. It is Socks that Rock Yarn by Blue Moon Fibers Arts in colorway Pucks Mischeif. I love the mix of colors. Also encluded in the package was a Violet Crumble Candy bar because Emily says”You should never mail yarn witout candy, It’s some kind of law”LOL .

Mr Knowledge( 8 year old Son) has already eaten the candy bar. I tried to hide it but he found it and it’s hard to say no to them when they give that sad puppy dog look.

Thanks so much Emily You Rock!